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Lulu Posh October Photo Shoot

This fall we had some fun at the salon with an impromptu photo shoot. Here are some of the shots we captured.










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Building Culture at Work

Part of my job ( possibly the most important part ) is creating and maintaining culture at Lulu Posh Hair. When new stylists start with Lulu Posh I start introducing them to the culture immediately. In fact, I start earlier. It starts the moment we meet. But “culture” is a tricky thing to “teach”.


Did you know that in India some people avoid using their left hand? I’ll let you find out on your own why that is. Many people in India have the cognitive understanding as well as the emotional connection to this norm. It’s gone beyond something that they’ve learned and is something that they identify with. On the other hand, if I were to travel to India, I’d probably learn to avoid using my left hand where it mattered. But, I wouldn’t feel repulsed by seeing others do it. I wouldn’t say that avoiding it was a part of who I am. I’d just be making habit of a behavior that I learned was common...

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YOU always have a choice

I have always loved getting my hair cut. Even as a child, despite the fact that sometimes it ended with me running home and crying because my hair looked aweful. Haircuts were always a very exciting event. As a teenager, I loved change and I would impulsively want my hair changed often and often felt the impulse on a Sunday when most salons were closed. If I had an idea in my head there was no waiting a day or two, it had to be done imediately!

So, I often found myself in the local chain salon waiting area after putting my name in, waiting to see who I ended up with. I would sit there and watch all the stylists working, estimating who looked like they were going to be done first and how many people there were ahead of me. I found that there was always one stylist who I would pray to God I would get. She was very different from the others and it was obvious to me then. Everytime...

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